Ahead of the premiere of February’s International Toy Fair in New York, the Hollywood Reporter got a look at even more upcoming sets from “The LEGO Batman Movie.”  Slated for a June release, the new LEGO sets consist of: Scarecrow Fearful Face-off, Bane Toxic Truck Attack, Two-Face Double Demolition, and The Batwing.

The smallest set of the assortment, Scarecrow Fearful Face-off, consists of Scarecrow and his Gyro-Copter (with three “fear” gas elements), Batman and a “plant” element.  The set retails for $14.99.

Bane Toxic Truck Attack features an oversized Bane figure, a Mutant Leader (from the Dark Knight Returns and Batman, of course).  The set also comes with a Bane-sized truck (with detachable Venom gas canister) and a ride for Batman:  The Whirly-Bat.  The Bane Toxic Truck Attack retails for $49.99

The Two-Face Double Demolition set has an excavator with a “dual” design (half good, half bad, just like Two-Face.  Get it?!?!) that features an operational excavator arm and six-stud shooter.  The set comes with four minifigures:  Bats, Two-Face and two Gotham City Police Officers.  Retails for $59.99.

And finally there’s the “big” set of the assortment:  The Batwing.  Measuring over 12 inches long and 18 inches wide, the set boasts a dual minifigure cockpit (for the included Batman and Robin figures), rotating boosters, adjustable wings and an opening rear compartment with a mini-Batcar.

The set also includes everyone’s favorite bad girl, Harley Quinn with trademarked over-sized mallet and wheeled six stud firing cannon.  The Batwing is expected to retail for $89.99.

No piece counts for any of the sets were provided, but they’re expected to ship June 2017.  “The LEGO Batman Movie” meanwhile hits theaters February 10th.

Source:  Brickset


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