Talk about expect the unexpected!  Rather than “Renew Your Vows”, that should really be the subtitle for the Amazing Spider-Man #1.  Expect the Unexpected.  Because that’s really what Dan Slott and Andy Kubert have done so far with the Spider-Man entrent to Secret Wars…brought a whole lot of surprises.

Spoilers abound.  It’s not too late to turn back…

Amazing Spider-Man #1.  Renew Your Vows

Our story opens up in the middle of marital bliss.  Peter working on his Spider-Man gear at the kitchen table with MJ feeding their daughter, Annie.  And welcome to our first bit of unexpectedness.  Their daughter isn’t May, as in Mayday Parker, the Spider-Girl of the MC2 universe.  No.  We’re clearly heading into a different direction here.

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