With the New52 chapter of DC Comics coming to a close, DC Collectibles recently released one of it’s final figures of the line, DC Comics Super-Villians “Roller Derby” Harley Quinn.  Based on Amanda Connor and Chad Hardin’s art on the Harley Quinn comic, Roller Derby Harley is ready to roll into your heart.

And smash it with a mallet.

Being a toy collector for over twenty years now (I can’t believe I just admitted that live on the internets), I’ve seen some pretty cool toys.  Action figures are a lot like favorite songs.  Some are only great for a few moments and some are great for a really long time.  It’s hard to say if Roller Derby Harley is gonna be a classic for me, considering I’ve only had her in my possession for a few short moments, but…I don’t mind admitting here, this could end up becoming of one my favorite figures.


I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking:  “But, my friendly neighborhood jman…what makes this figure so great, anyway?  You know you say that a lot.”  If that is what you’re thinking, then I gotta admit it’s a good one and I’m gonna take the next few paragraphs to do just that.   Starting with:

The sculpt.  While Amanda Connor and Chad Hardin have a similar style, it is a bit different.  Roller Derby Harley’s a nice combination of both styles.  I have to admit, I do like the look of the face on the production figure a bit better, but you know how it is with those production figures.  They’re all perfect and shit.  Other than that, there’s still a ton to like about the figure.  The shoulder, elbow and knee pads are awesome (gotta love the 5150 on her shoulder pads).

She’s also sporting a collar of bells, a nice looking belt with leather looking gun holster.  They even went as far as to sculpt the pom-poms are her skates.  You gotta love that kind of attention to detail.

I was really hoping that her pigtails were gonna be “poseable” like they are on some of their other Harley figures, but they aren’t, unfortunately.  The pigtails are “flexible”, though.  Which is just as good, I suppose.  At least they don’t stop her head from turning.

And speaking of articulation, Harley’s got all the standard points that DC Collectibles in known for.  She’s got double hinged joints in her elbows and knees (protected by those pads), pivot points at her hands and boots and ball joints at her hips.  I thought she might’ve had a swivel point at her socks and maybe a ball joint at her waist, but she doesn’t.

dc collectibles roller derby Harley quinn 29

Harley’s got nice paint apps, too.  Her skin is a nice flat white, compared to the glossiness of her outfit and shoulder pads.  Her socks are also painted flat again, contrasting against the glossiness of her boots.

The figure comes packaged with a couple of accessories:  A handgun (that fits nicely into her hand and the holster, as well) and her trademark oversized mallet.  But, the best part of the figure, well…I should say what really makes the figure?  The detachable roller skates.  DC Collectibles could’ve went the easy route with the skates.  They could’ve just molded them to her feet and be done with it.  But, no…that wasn’t good enough for them.  And not only are they detachable, roll as them.  If she’s not on a flat surface, that might end up being a double-edged sword.  But, until that moment, color me impressed.

Overall, a very nice outing for DC Collectibles.  Roller Derby Harley Quinn retails for $24.99 and is available now at your local comic shop.  Don’t let this Harley roll on by.  Get it?!?!?  Roll on by?!?!?

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    • Umm…………..tops coming off action figures will never be part of life but dang was it too much to make the pigtails rotatable!

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