DC Comics - Action ComicsWith Action Comics #42, Justice, hitting shops last week, Greg Pak and Aaron Kudor continue their post –Convergence story arc, Truth, with an “outed” and de-powered Superman.

It’s not too late to whip it turn back now…

Issue 42 picks up where issue 41 left off… with Superman still dealing with a 30 foot “shadow monster” down at Metropolis’ shipyard; trying to effectively deal with the monster while not having all his powers at his disposal.

As Superman struggles not to get himself killed, the Metropolis police force continues it’s stand-off with a group of citizens that reside on the block where Clark’s apartment is located.  The residents of the block, partying it up with Superman’s return, even going as far as to dub the area “Kentville.”

The police, though (led by an itchy trigger fingered Sgt. Binghamton), are looking for any reason to bust DC Comics - Action Comicssome heads.  Someone from up high has a real problem with the Man of Steel, now that his identity has been revealed, and the police are looking to take Big Blue down.  And what better way to do that, then with a melee with the resident of Metropolis.

Lee Lambert, of fire brigade 202 (who we were introduced to in issue 41) does her best to keep her fellow residence in check; urging them to use passive resistance and not to engage the police.

But a volatile situation is a volatile situation.

Superman, having finally dispatched the shadow monster, shows up in the nick of time, with an oversized chain and anchor from the shipyard.  Creating a barricade of himself (and the chain) between the protestors and the police, Clark tells the protestors to continue standing down.

But, Sgt. Binghamton has other plans, sauntering up to Clark, giving him one second to move out of his way.  When Clark doesn’t comply, Binghamton calls out 3 cops from the Metro S.W.A.T. suited up like Iron Man wannabes.  They relentlessly pound Clark.Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.34.07 PM

He stands his ground, though.  It’s not until the Metro S.W.A.T.  turn their attention to the crowd, that Superman finally launches himself at an all too pleased Binghamton.  Knowing full well, with Clark assaulting him, his days as a free man are numbered.

I don’t know why I’m surprised, because Pak and Kudor’s run prior to Convergence was a good read, but I’m really surprised how much I’m enjoying Action Comics post-Convergence.  The tension between Clark (what are we calling this guy now?  Clark?  Superman?) and Sgt. Binghamton is palpable.   When the big guy is getting the snot knocked out of him by those wanna-be Iron Mans?  I was hoping Supes was gonna let loose.

DC Comics - Action Comics


Which, of course,  is the biggest mistake he could make in that situation.

Maybe making Superman a little more human, as opposed to an all powerful demi-god, was a good decision after all.