More than half way through the short first season of Fear the Walking Dead, Sunday night’s episode “Not Fade Away” opened to a fast forward of 9 days from last week’s episode.  The pre-credits opening, narrated by Travis’ son, Chris, finds Nick lounging in a swimming pool all Less Than Zero styled, Travis taking a jog through the streets and Chris himself up on the roof of the house recording a video diary.  But, all is not as it seems, as Chris discovers while recording the video someone using a light to signal him from a house off in the distance.

In the 9 days that have passed since the last episode, the US Army has taken over the little part of town where Madison’s house is located.  Having constructed a fence around the 6 mile community, the military is routinely checking up on all the citizens, while going through the surrounding badlands, looking for walkers.

There’s a rift growing between Madison and Travis.  Call it a mix of paranoia and boredom, but Madison is getting antsy with the uneasy peace that’s descended onto the little LA suburb courtesy of the military’s intervention.  And Travis?  He’s his usual self…telling everyone (including Madison) to be calm and everything will be just fine; it’s those platitudes that just lead to the two of them to bickering at one another.

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