I don’t mind admitting here I’ve got mixed emotions when it comes to Build-a-Figures (BAF). For the most part, I’ve been able to avoid them over the years. Mostly because I haven’t been all that interested in the figure Hasbro (or in DC’s case, Mattel) has offered up as the BAF.

hasbro all father baf 4

The other reason I’ve been able to avoid the Build-a-Figure?  I’m not a completist. There are usually one or two figures per line I don’t want that leave me uninterested in collecting the BAF. On top of that, at upwards of 20 bucks a pop (22 if you shop at a certain toy store with the letter ‘r’ prominent in its name), buying two figures you’re not really interested in just to get a BAF that you feel “meh” about isn’t really cost effective.

But if we’re really honest with one another, hobbies generally aren’t very cost effective.

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