“By the Eye of Agamotto!”

Hasbro Marvel Legends Dr. Strange figureWith Hasbro’s new line of Avengers Marvel Legends making it’s way to store pegs, one of the highlights of the Hulkbuster BAF wave is the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Dr. Strange.

Created by artist Steve Ditko, Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange made his comic debut in Strange Tales #110 (July 1963).  Appearing in the New Avengers, Defenders and now part of Marvel’s Illuminati, Dr. Strange is heading to movie screens in 2016 with Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek:  Into Darkness, Sherlock) in the title role.

Hasbro’s new figure, though, is a nice representation of the updated look Dr. Strange sports in Marvel Now! Gone are the blue flowing shirt and high collared red cape with gold trim.  Replaced with an all black look with dark burgundy trim.  The new look also featured burgundy gloves and a waist cape (?!?).

If nothing else, Strange is super wicked articulate.  Just about every part of him turns, twists and/or rotates.  There’s a swivel and ball joint in his neck (just in case you want to do any kind of creepy head turn with him).  Not only does Strange have a ball joint in the chest, but he also twists at the waist.  The figure sports double hinge joints in knees and elbows…I’m telling you , you can pretty much pose this guy in any kind of Exorcististic way you want.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Dr. Strange figureStrange has a good head sculpt, still keeping the Fu Manchu style mustache and graying hair at the temples.  For some reason, I see a bit of a smug expression on his face; probably me just projecting onto the figure.  I have that way sometimes.

The one thing I’m not crazy about, are the figure’s hands.  Both as sculpted into a spell casting pose that’s very reminiscent of a way a certain web crawler shoots his webs.  An extra pair of hands might’ve been nice to offset that, but…as far as accessories go, you’re not getting much with the Hulkbuster being the BAF.  Strange comes with parts that I believe are for the Hulkbuster’s legs.  I’m not collecting the pieces for the HB, so they’re not that important to me.

Strange also comes with little, plastic circular pieces…spell castings, that were included with Scarlet Witch, as well.  His are molded in a neon green translucent plastic, though.

All in all, Dr. Strange is an awesomely cocky, strangely (get it?!?!?) Shakespearean looking action figure.  You can pick him up now from our friends over at Fresh Figures.

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