You’ve seen the pics floating around the internets, now we have the full info on Mattel’s 2016 San Diego Comic Con exclusive DC Comics 3.75″ Multiverse Wonder Woman Figure and Invisible Jet.

Right from Mattel, comes the description:

In October of 1941 DC COMICS introduced the world to the warrior princess of the Amazons, PRINCESS DIANA OF THEMYSCIRA, aka DIANA PRINCE, more commonly known as WONDER WOMAN™. With a wide range of Super Powers including speed, strength, and agility, she defeats evil to protect the world from darkness. She possesses an arsenal of weapons, most notably the LASSO OF TRUTH and the INVISIBLE JET, and is unstoppable in the face of peril.

This commemorative DC COMICS MULTIVERSE figure is 3 and ¾ inches (9.5 cm) tall and features intricate detail.

The figure and jet retail for $35 and are available for pre-order now at  Remember…if you pre-order her, you have to be able to pick her up in person at SDCC.