With Comic-Con International:  San Diego 2017 quickly approaching, news of exclusives has begun to leak onto the Internets.  Nerdist got the drop on a new Hasbro Marvel Legends 5 figure “Thor-centric” set exclusive to SDCC.  Called the “Battle of Asagard, the set includes:  new Thor (Jane Foster), old Thor (simply going by “Odinson” these days), Malekith the Accursed (leader of the Dark Elves), father of Odin and former ruler of Asgard, Bor, and Ulik the rock troll.

The figures feature 30 points of articulation, a weapon and are packaged in a fancy-dancy pentagon shaped box that unfolds to reveal the figures in window boxes on the inside and extra large artwork created by artist Tyler Jacobson on the outside.

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The Hasbro Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard five figure set will retail for $99.99 and only be available for San Diego Comic Con.  Fret not, true believers.  If your path doesn’t lead you to San Diego this summer, Hasbro is making a small number of sets available after the con on Hasbro Toy Shop.  You’re gonna need all the power of Asgard to score yourself one that way, though

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