Hasbro recently revealed a new addition to its line of 12-inch Marvel Legends, the Man Without Fear, Daredevil!

Yahoo! got the drop on the new figure, based on Marvel Comics’ Matt Murdock.  The fully articulate Daredevil comes costumed in his classic dudes and features two alternate head sculpts (one masked, one unmasked and clearly beaten to a pulp) and several hands in various states of openness.

Daredevil comes in a fancy new box that features original artwork by Joe Quesada and has braille imprinted on the back.  The figure will also ship with two posters inside and is expected to retail for $59.99.

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The rub?  The 12 inch Marvel Legends Daredevil is a Comic-Con International:  San Diego exclusive, only.  All together now: “What the…?!?!?”  If your path this summer doesn’t lead you to sunny California, fret not True Believer.  Hasbro is planning on making a limited number of Murdocks available for purchase after the con on Hasbro Toy Shop.

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