marvel-captain-america-avengers-assemble-statue-200355-07Sideshow Collectibles is back with a new Captain America statue.  From their Avengers Assemble line, that features a previously announced Iron Man statue, this new Cap statue has the Spangled Avenger standing atop a rock terrain an epic 15 inches in height and 12 inches wide at the base.

The statue features Cap wielding the shield, ready to fight, in his classic blue scale armor, red leather gloves and boots.  The costume also features Cap’s standard issued army belt complete with realistic pouches.

There’s even a Sideshow Collectibles exclusive version of the statue with an included alternate Silver Age portrait of Rogers sporting a leather stitched masked complete with actual wings on either side.

The Sideshow Collectibles Avengers Assemble Captain America statue retails for $360 and is expected to ship fourth quarter 2017.  You can pre-order him right now at Sideshow’s website.