Protect your droids, the Jawas are heading your way.  Sideshow Collectibles is releasing a pair of sixth scale Jawas to steal your droids add to your collection.

The creepy, meter tall, rodent-like creatures of Tatooine, were scavengers of scrap and technology.  Covering the desert planet in huge Sandcrawlers, Jawas would sell or trade droids and old pieces of equipment to the other natives of Tatooine.

Sideshow Collectibles new 2 pack of Jawas measure almost 9 inches in height (each one having a different articulated body),  LED eyes, inner and outer robes, bandoliers and multiple sets of hands.

The set retails for $219 and is expected to ship sometime second quarter 2016.  You can pre-order your set now over at Sideshow Collectibles.