What do you mean you have enough Iron Man armors, already?  What do you mean enough is enough?  Hot Toys is clearly not done with you or with your wallet, as they succinctly proclaim:  You can never have enough Iron Man armors.

Witness the addition to Marvel Studios Iron Man 3 “House Party Protocol”, the Mark XL (Shotgun) sixth scale figure.   Also known as the Hyper Velocity Traveling Suit, Tony Stark used this particular armor to fight Aldrich Killian.

The new sixth scale figure features a specially designed helmet with the face sculpt of Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark (I wonder if Hot Toys gives RDJ each one of the armors that they make) with LED light up functions, interchangeable battle damaged parts, and LED light up functions in chest, torso and palms.

Pricing and availability to be announced soon.  Stay tuned.