Gotten a lil bored of that cute lil Force-controlled BB-8 you got last year?  Well, Sphero has its next must have toy all geared up for you.


Disney and Sphero have come together to create an app-controlled car, the Ultimate Lightning McQueen from Disney/Pixar’s “Cars.”

But, this isn’t just your average, ordinary remote control car by any means.  According to Sphero, this is it’s most animatronic toy to date.  They’ve manage to cram 6 separate motors in the car to make it the most realistic Lightning McQueen evAH!  McQueen steers, drifts and even moves up and down.  Not to mention the expressive animated eyes and mouth that sync to his voice.

That’s not the end to McQueen’s interactive-ness, though.  The car also has several capacitive touch panels all around the body.  Using the companion app, McQueen can be programmed to interact, or even replay a programmed script (that you can create) with a swipe of the capacitive touch panels.

Then there’s the app, itself.  Much like Sphero’s BB-8 companion app, it’s more than just a way to control McQueen.  There’s several games programmed in to help improve your driving skill set, while McQueen is charging.  And much like BB-8, McQueen will even interact with the “Cars” movies.

It all sounds great, right?  Well, here’s the rub.  The Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen is set to retail for $299.99 (gasp!).  He’s set to ship just in time for “Cars 3” to speed into theaters on June 16th.  If you’re so inclined, you can pre-order the Rust-eze car at Sphero’s website.


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