Kotobukiya is bringing Spider-Man 2099 to it’s line of ArtFX+ statues

Created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi, Spider-Man 2099 (aka Miguel O’Hara) made is Marvel Comics’ debut in “The Amazing Spider-Man” #365 back in August 1992.  A brilliant geneticist (of course he’s brilliant.  Is there such a thing as a “dumb” geneticist?)  working for the Alchemax company, O’Hara would go onto to re-write his genetic code, based on experiments he was working on for Alchemax.  Imbued with all the powers of his namesake, Spider-Man 2099 would go to to spearhead Marvel Comics new “2099” imprint.

Kotobukiya’s Spider-Man 2099 statue features O’Hara in his original costume (one that he pulled from his closet to escape detection from authorities). Worn during a “Day of the Dead” festival, Miguel’s duds feature a red skull on a dark blue bodysuit, complete with spider-talons and “webbing” cape.

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Measuring 5-inches in height (1/10th scale), Spider-Man 2099 also features magnets in his feet to provide a bit more stability on the included base.

The Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Spider-Man 2099 ArtFX+ retails for $64.99 and is expected to ship September 2017.  You can pre-order him right now over at Koto’s website.


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