LEGOS DC Comics Super Heroes CR: LEGO/DC Comics

There goes LEGO, again.  Spoiling everyone’s good time.

EW broke the story yesterday about LEGO’s latest entry into the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman Warrior Battle (76075).  Based on the Warner Bros upcoming film, “Wonder Woman,” the set features 286 pieces, and two minifigures (Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor).  At 286 pieces, you’d assume that the set wasn’t that big of a deal.

Well, fellow denizen of Internetsland, you just assume wrong.

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Because amongst Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor and a WWI-inspired propeller plane is not only the villain of the set, but of the movie itself.

(cue dramatic music) Ares

Don’t look at it!  Shut your eyes, Marion!  It’ll ruin the movie for you!

LEGOS DC Comics Super Heroes CR: LEGO/DC Comics

The cool thing about this Ares figure, much like the Giant Man figure from LEGO’s Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle (76051) from 2016’s “Captain America:  Civil War”, is that the “figure” is oversized and made of LEGO bricks.  Check it out.  He’s even bigger than the plane in the set!

LEGOS DC Comics Super Heroes CR: LEGO/DC Comics

The LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Wonder Woman Warrior Battle is expected to hit stores May 1st.  “Wonder Woman” lands in theaters a month later, June 2nd.


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