More Star Wars news on the opening day of Star Wars Celebration 2017 taking place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.  Yahoo! Movies got the drop on new Hot Wheels vehicles coming from Mattel to celebrate the 40th anniversary of “Star Wars:  A New Hope.”

The new fleet of character-inspired cars feature the likes of Luke Skywalker (in X-Wing gear), Princess Leia (aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper), Chewbacca, Darth Vader and the one that has everyone all ecstatic about:  fellow X-Wing pilot Biggs Darklighter.  The new car is inspired by the pilot who didn’t quite make it in the original cut of the movie.  But, now?  Biggs is finally getting his day with a Hot Wheels ride based on his iconic stylings.

The vehicles will come in special 40th anniversary packaging with Biggs’ ride setting you back 10 bucks, while the rest of the Star Wars crew retailing for $3.99.

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But, wait!  There is more.  And that more comes in the form of special Hot Wheels racers based on some of the more famous vehicles in the Star Wars Universe.  Known as the “carships,” the Falcon, X-Wing and Vader’s Tie Advance all get the Hot Wheels racer treatment.

And to wrap things up are miniature versions of the starships, themselves.  Aptly named “Starships,” the line of Hot Wheels vehicles features scaled down versions of the Tie Fighter, Y-Wing and Star Destroyer (just to name a few).  Each Starship comes with a flight stand, ‘cause there’s nothing more depressing than having a starship just collecting dust laying on a shelf.  They belong in the air!

No release date, as of yet, for any of the Hot Wheels Star Wars Vehicles.  But, you’ll be able to see them for yourself this weekend (April 13 – 17) at Star Wars Celebration.


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