So…didja happen to see the new Star Wars trailer?  I mean, it’s as if it hasn’t been all over social media.  Wait…what’s that?  You haven’t?  You’ve been living under the sea a large boulder for the last 40 odd years and you don’t even know what a Star Wars is?  Well, here…let your friendly neighborhood jman remedy that for you.

The only time the word “teaser” is more appropriate is when talking about a strip club.  That “Last Jedi” trailer is a textbook example of a tease, if there ever was one.  It’s a little over two minutes of not much about anything.   Glimpses of space battles, exotic (not erotic) locales, and of course, lightsabers.  I gotta admit seeing Daisy Ridley wield a lightsaber is still fairly cool.

There were plenty of interesting shots throughout the trailer. The ones that most notably stood out for me, is the opening shot of Rey grasping for breath.  Wonder if Luke’s running her through Jedi training similar to the training he received.  And, speaking of which, Luke’s voiceover at the beginning sounds very Yoda-esque, besides.

The trailer was sprinkled with a couple quick glances of our completely likable new friends Finn, Poe and BB8.  Looks like they still haven’t found a way out of trouble yet.  Then there was the briefest of scenes featuring the Falcon.  Who’s ship is it now?  Who’s piloting it?  Chewie?  Rey?  Can’t wait to find that out.

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And, of course, there’s those ominous words at the end: “…I only know one truth.  It’s time for the Jedi to end.”  I’ve read plenty of places that it’s Luke’s voice.  Matched up with the Luke silhouette, it sure as hell seems like those are Luke’s words.  But, are we totally sure?  Do we have verification that’s Luke saying it?

All of its very interesting.  More telling of the movie’s tone, however, was the “The Last Jedi” poster.  Released shortly after the trailer, we are left to ponder the unspoken words of this:

Talk about ominous!  Holy shit!  There’s a lot of red in that poster.  Not to mention that it harkens back to the original Star Wars movie poster.  Luke?  Are you bad?  Say it ain’t so!  Badder than Kylo Ren, even?  Maybe those are Luke’s words at the end of the trailer.  Is Luke going to bring balance to the force by dismantling the Jedi once and for all?  Is Disney going to destroy one of the basic tenets of the Star Wars Universe?!?!

Guess we’ll just have to wait until December 2017 to find out.


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