The second wave of Hasbro’s 6 inch Star Wars Black Series figures have started hitting the shelves.  Surprisingly, I was able to get a hold of Slave Leia at my local Target, recently.  She was the only one from the new assortment, mixed in with the leftover Lukes and R2s from Wave 1.

slave leia

I say “surprisingly” because I figured she’d be the last one of the newest wave I’d be able to get my hands on.  I figured in my desperation to get her I’d be trying not to pay top dollar on eBay for her.   But, nope.  There she was.  Slave Leia.  In all her faux metal bikini glory.

slave leia

In case you live underground and are just finding out about the internets right at this moment, the Black Series Wave 2 consists of Han Solo, Greedo (Han shot first, yo!), Boba (He’s no good to me dead) Fett and Slave Leia.

slave leia

I gotta tell you something, I really love this line.  It sure took Hasbro long enough to do it, too.  Even though Wave 1 has been out for some time now, I still get excited when I see the black boxes on the shelf at Target/Toy R Us (although, they really don’t “hang” around too long).

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  • Cool action figure. I am not a huge star wars fan but I always think they should market all of the characters for the all of the avid collectors and fans.

    • your friendly neighborhood jman


      Thank you for stopping by and checking out the article. I really appreciate it!