Another week, another curious tease from the folks at LEGO.

What began with teases of a rather large instruction book followed by a box by box comparison, turned into a video release with the biggest clue to date of the theme of this mystery set…Star Wars.  Now, LEGO’s teasing a new image and let loose some new information. This time around?  We’re getting a pile of bricks.  A very big pile of bricks:


According to LEGO this new mystery Star Wars set will contain a mere 7541 pieces.  As compared to the former largest LEGO set to date, the Taj Mahal.  That set contained 5922 bricks.  At over an extra 1500 pieces from the Taj, this new mystery set is definitely going to be big.

What could be that big?  A Star Destroyer?  A Super Star Destroyer?  Or, perhaps, the long rumored Millennium Falcon.  October 1st is not that far away…

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