wonder girlBeing a life-long fan of the various incarnations of the Teen Titans, I don’t mind telling you, this current iteration is, unfortunately, the worst.  The worst!  From the designs of the costumes (what is the deal with Raven’s look, anyway?  Awful.  What a way to ruin an otherwise awesomely complex character) to the complete lack of anything likeable about the individuals on the team, this version of the Teen Titans leaves way too much to be desired.

All that being said, though, a new creative team is taking over the book, so with fingers crossed I hold onto hope that the Teen Titans will be restored to former glory.  And for all that’s holy, please get rid of that terrible Raven costume.

None of that stopped your friendly neighborhood jman from picking up DC Collectibles’ Teen Titans Wonder Girl figure, though.  What can I say?  A good figure is a good figure.  Besides, I’m a toy collector first, comic book freak second.

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