When we last left off, it was the early mid 90’s.  Our heroine, Power Girl, had just experienced a “mystical pregnancy” and gave birth to a son (who would quickly grow and just as quickly disappear from existence), which was covered…oddly enough…in an article on comicbookresources shortly after part 1 of this article was posted.  Coincidence?  I don’t know.  I’m just sayin…

A Brief and Wondrous history of Powergirl. Pt2.Which brings us to circa 1995 and Chris Claremont’s creator owned series, Sovereign Seven.  Launched in April of 95, the series (about a group of mutants aliens from around the universe that are exiled to Earth) struggled along for a couple of years.  To boost exposure and sales, Power Girl was added to the lineup in issue #25.

The series limped along for another year or so and then was quietly put out to pasture by DC Comics.  Which would leave Power Girl without a team (or book) for a little bit of time.  After a few issues of Aquaman, Supergirl and Justice League of America, Power Girl would eventually end up as a supporting character in Birds of Prey (Vol 1) starting with issue #12.

It was short lived, though.  After a tiff with Oracle (I mean, it was her book after all), Power Girl would eventually find herself back in with the JSA (Vol 1) with Issue #31 in 2002

But, as serenity tends to be…it didn’t last.  And in this the case, the serenity killer came in the form of 2005’s Infinite Crisis #1.  Man…I don’t even know where to begin with Infinite Crisis.  Too many “ins”; lead-ins, tie-ins, you name it.  Let’s just call the whole event spectaculas a sequel to 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths and call it a day.

A Brief and Wondrous history of Powergirl. Pt2.

However, before we can pull away from the mess that is Infinite Crisis, we do have to reflect upon the changes that were made to Power Girl.  Because they are important.  Over the course of Infinite Crisis, it’s revealed to PG by Kal L (the Superman of Earth Two…who returned from the ether just for Infinite Crisis) her true origin:  that she really is from a place called Earth Two (that was destroyed back in Crisis on Infinite Earths) and that she is also his cousin.  All that Atlantean nonsense she had been living the last 20 odd years was just that…nonsense.A Brief and Wondrous history of Powergirl. Pt2.

Oddly enough, all this is reiterated by the Psycho-Pirate in 2005’s JSA Classified: Power Trip (a tie-in/supplement to Infinite Crisis).  The Psycho Pirate also revealed to Power Girl (again) that they both are survivors of pre-Crisis Earth-Two.

Why she needed to be told twice, by two different people that everything she thought she knew about herself was wrong, is kinda weird.  Not to mention a bit hurtful.  That is, if she were a real person.

But…be all that as it may, after all these many years, we finally have Power Girl’s true origin reinstituted.  And with that, it was time to get back down to business.  As DC Comics moved the DCU forward, in 2006, one year in the aptly  titled series, One Year Later, Supergirl and Power Girl go undercover in the bottled city of Kandor, as Nightwing and Flamebird respectively, for three issues.

A Brief and Wondrous history of Powergirl. Pt2.

Throughout all this, Power Girl continued to work for the Justice Society, eventually becoming chairwoman of the Society when Mr. Terrific steps down.

If you thought all that was confusing…wait til you see what’s coming up next!  Stay tuned for Part 3.


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