“Tell me…do you bleed?”

Nevermind if the Man of Steel bleeds.  Your wallet’s gonna be bleeding after you order these statues…

Prime 1 Studio has released images and specs on two new statues from Warner Brothers upcoming feature film, Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice:   Batman and Superman.  Created in half scale (that’s 1:2), the Batman statue measures a whopping 43 inches in height and 18 inches wide at the base.  It also features movie accurate fabric costuming, a high quality translucent resin for lifelike skin effects and LED function in the base.

The Man of Steel, likewise, measures 41 inches in height and 18 inches wide at the base.  Supes also features the translucent resin skin, movie accurate fabrice costuming and LED functions in the base.

The production run for both statues is limited to 1000 pieces.  Bottom line…what’s all this goodness gonna cost you?  Two thousand large.  That’s right.  Two thousand dollars.  Each.  No ship date has been released yet, though.  So, you’ve got some time to come up with a real good story when your wife asks you why 4 thousand dollars is missing from the account.

The new episode of the Newsbox’s Almost Internet Famous Internet show is almost ready for your eyes.  Are they ready?!!?

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