Spotted at 2017’s International Toy Fair in New York City back in February 2017, Super7’s 18-inch matte black Aliens Warrior figure is now available for pre-order.

Based on the mythical Kenner Toys original 18-inch Xenomorph figure released in 1979 (in support of “Alien”) that would later be recalled due to parental pressure, Super7’s Aliens Warrior figure takes the original to the next level.

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Based on the Xenomorphs seen in the 1986 sequel “Aliens,” while still harkening back to the original Kenner release, Super7’s Aliens Warrior features glowing accents and metallic snapping draws (that operate by a trigger on the back of the head, just like the original). Standing 18 inches in height, the figure is fully articulate, able to hang from its tail (like the original) and comes in a retro-styled package.

The Super7 Aliens Warrior Alien figure retails for $195 and is expected to ship March of 2017.  You can pre-order him right now on Super7’s website.


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