It’s time for your moment of Zen.  And today, it’s being brought to you by DC Comics.  Just in time for the post-holiday blues, comes variant covers for you to color.  Yup…that’s right.  Grab your crayons (or markers.  Just make sure they’re washable, don’t want to piss mom off if you get some on the carpet) and get ready for variant covers for Action Comics, Detective Comics, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern #48.

Need some more info?  Check it out below!

Press Release

Bored over the holidays? Everyone around you getting on your nerves? Can’t wait for 2016? Grab a comic! Catch up on what you’ve missed! Hit up your local comic book shop or download something new on your new tablet or device!

Or, print out one of these covers, grab a pencil, crayon, or marker and start practicing! DC Comics will have Adult Coloring Book Variant Covers on many of their books in January and we want them looking fantastic when you’re done with them. Have a contest with your friend and family – maybe you’ll stop fighting over who’s going to win the big B v S  fight. It’s a great stress release!