With a new comic weekly debuting in October, Batman and Robin Eternal, Tony S Daniel is making his rounds on the comic book website circuit.  In separate interviews with Newsarama and Comic Vine, Daniel talks in depth about Batman and the pressures of working on a weekly book.

After spending 5 years drawing Batman, and three years writing Detective Comics, Daniel is returning to familiar ground with Batman and Robin Eternal.  Bringing back characters like a newly re-designed Cassandra Cain along with him.  Saying of her:  “She was the highlight, being able to redesign her. That was a real treat for me to do.”

As for who’s behind the cowl in Batman and Robin Eternal, Daniel is quick to follow that up, too.

“The concept we have with Bruce as Batman, we’re having a lot of flashback sequences. We’re going to get to see Bruce Wayne as Batman throughout this storyline. I’m pretty sure that’s the scope of it, really. It’s a flashback sequence with Bruce as Batman.”

Tony Daniel on returning to Gotham in Batman and Robin EternalAlong with providing the art for Batman and Robin Eternal, Tony also provided the work for an 8 page exclusive being handed out Batman Day, September 26th called Batman and Robin Special Edition #1.  Describing the hand out:

“It really gives people a taste for what’s to come. I think it’s like a commercial for a big upcoming event. It shows Bruce Wayne as Batman and him sort of learning the scope of the threat that’s now unleashed. We get a hint of some of these characters that we’re going to be dealing with in this big story arc. I get to draw a lot of fun things and a lot of very detailed action shots. I think it’s a good taste of what you can expect in this big series.”

Tony Daniel on returning to Gotham in Batman and Robin EternalTo read more about Batman and Robin Eternal, Deathstroke and Tony’s thoughts about returning to Gotham post R.I.P head on over to Newsarama and Comic Vine.


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