Man!  There was a TON of good stuff in this month’s Previews!  So much so, I actually had to take a couple of things off my list (because, really…do you need a two parter for this kind of article?!?!?)!   And that’s almost unheard of for a February Previews. In your friendly neighborhood jman’s experience, February tends to be a bit…lean.  But, not this time!  The gods have smiled kindly on all of us souls, beaten down by this horribly horrible winter.

top 5 things february previews

So, instead of just standing around like a bunch of slacked jaw yokels, how’s about we get this show on the road?

top 5 things february previews justice league 30

Justice League #30 – DC Comics.  Now…isn’t that a bit interesting!  Is Lex the head of the Justice League?  Whaaaaa?!?! It sure looks it.  And…Is that…Captain Cold back there?!?!?  Something’s more than a bit rotten in the state of Denmark.

top 5 things february previews batman v bane

Forever Evil Aftermath:  Batman V Bane – DC comics.  OK.  This is the part of the show where I kick myself in the arse.  Because, I haven’t been following the Forever Evil offshoots, just the main title.  So, I’m not quite sure, but that looks an awful lot like Bane in some sort of modified Batman cowl?!?!?  WTF?!?!?  Now I gotta go back and read that stupid Forever Evil Arkham War I avoided.  Great.

top 5 things february previews justice league 3000

Justice League 3000 #5– DC Comics.  I don’t know.  I haven’t been too crazy bout this book.  Even though after the first issue I swore I was done, I still picked up issue 2.  And still wasn’t crazy about it.  And now that they’re adding Firestorm?  Damn it!  It looks like DC has sucked me in for at least another 3 issues.

top 5 things february previews flash annual 3

Flash 30/Flash Annual 3 – DC Comics.  Wally?  Is that you?!?!?  It is?!?!?  God!  I hope they don’t screw you up…

top 5 things february previews superman wonder woman

Superman/Wonder Woman 7 – DC Comics.  This title has been one of DC’s better ones, lately.  And even though I’m not crazy at all about the new portrayal of Superman (angst is in!), I admit he’s not too bad in this title.  And Tony Daniel’s art certainly doesn’t hurt things either.  He certainly knows how to draw Wonder Woman.

top 5 things february previews sinestro

Sinestro 1 – DC Comics.  I’m pretty “meh” bout the expansion of the Green Lantern canon, what with the multi colored rings based on the emotional spectrum.  Meh.  But, Sinestro’s alright in my book.  Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for everyone’s favorite Yellow Lantern.

top 5 things february previews power girl huntress

Powergirl/ Huntress 2 pack – DC Collectibles.  Ahhh…Earth 2’s World Finest stuck on Earth 1.  It’s not a bad title.  I enjoy it enough.  And now that Powergirl is back in her pre52 duds?  Everything is ok, by me (what?!?!?).  So…yea.  I’ll be picking up this 2 pack.

top 5 things february previews red hood

Red Hood and the Outlaws – DC Collectibles.  Even though I can’t stand Red Arrow’s get up (what’s with that trucker hat?!?!?) I gotta admit, these figures aren’t bad at all.  Not quite sure about that Red Hood figure, it being a digital scan and all, but, knowing me (and I’m pretty familiar with my work) I’ll be getting these figs.

top 5 things february previews amazing spiderman

Amazing Spider-Man 1 – Marvel Comics.  I mean, c’mon!  Like I’ve got a choice, in this one?  Any card carrying comic book geek HAS to purchase this book.  Or be voted off the island.  And believe you me, if anyone’s winning a million dollars, it’s gonna be me.

top 5 things february previews deadpool wedding

Deadpool #27 – Marvel Comics.  Look.  I’m as sick of Deadpool as the rest of you.  But, I gotta see where this one’s going.  So, ok…I’ll bite.

top 5 things february previews age of ultron

What If:  Age of Ultron #1 – Marvel Comics.  I love “What Ifs”!  Man!  Do I love “What Ifs”.  Sure, Age of Ultron’s ending was more than a bit weak. But, that’s all the more reason to check this mini-series out.

top 5 things february previews ultimate spiderman 200

Ultimate Spider-Man #200 – Marvel Comics.  I am an admitted Miles Morales fan.  And even though I’m a few issues behind on Ultimate Spidey, I’ll be picking this issue up.  Just by the cover art, it looks to have more than a nice nod to Ultimate Pete and Miles.

top 5 things february previews all new ultimates

All New Ultimates #1 – Marvel Comics.  Now this one, on the other hand?  This one leaves me feeling…uncertain.  As of this writing, the events of Cataclysm have yet to be fully played out.  So, why we’re looking at what appears to be a Teen Titans version of the Ultimates, still remains to be seen.  So, I’ll say this…they’ve got me for at least one issue.

top 5 things february previews lola

Lola #1 – Aspen Comics.  Well, that slice of cheesecake just brought me in!  Let’s see what we’ve got inside these pages, Lola…

top 5 things february previews queen of hearts

Grimm Fairy Tales:  Queen of Hearts – CS Moore.  Another slice of cheesecake, did you ask?  Why, sure!  Coming right up.  You gotta love Zenescope Entertainment.  I mean, I do, at least.  They do what they do, and they do it well.  Beings that I’m a fan of Alice in Wonderland (how does one even become a fan of Alice in Wonderland?  That’s easy enough.  It’s the 50 million viewings I endured when my oldest daughter was a 2 year old.  Man…I knew that movie in and out!).  So, yea…that Queen of Hearts will be standing right next to my CS Moore Alice figure.


top 5 things february previews prince of tennis

WTF product of the monthPrince of Tennis II Kuranosuke Shiraishi Artfxjn statue.  Man…I don’t even know.  In all fairness, I’ve never seen/read anything about this Prince of Tennis thing.  So, I really shouldn’t comment (shouldn’t).  But, does anyone even watch tennis anymore?  Is that still a thing?



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  1. The Forever Evil – Arkham War is actually one of the best parts of the whole Forever Evil debacle. I know it doesn’t seem as if it could be good, lol, but it’s one I’m enjoying.

    So far Bane has realized the Gothamites aren’t as afraid of him as they are of Batman so that’s all there is to that outfit.

    The Rogue’s Rebellion is also awesome, and I followed (some of) the Justice League Dark stuff because the Phantom Stranger was in it.

    You can see where this is going – the main book isn’t all that good, but the side stories are where the magic is.

    Aside from that, yes looks like some good stuff coming up!

    • i picked up the first issue of Arkham War. i wasn’t too impressed. and i’m trying to follow my edict of not following every spinoff either company comes out with. “trying”.

      agreed with the main book. once again, it’s a cool premise, starts out strong…and just seems to be getting weaker as it goes along.

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