Your very own T.O.M. host RJD and the enigmatic jman explore this summers least loved superhero film, XMEN : APOCALYPSE.  We get to the bottom of what changes pissed us off, which actors were great, what we both thought about this film, and why it may have more heart than those other bigger profile superhero pics.

*** WARNING: jman is going to bitch about Batman V Superman straight to the end of this podcast. Again.***


Intro and Outro supplied by the incredible wunderkind, Robbie Bloodshed…touring America this summer!!!  And don’t forget to check out his Facebook.


  1. Because, I’ve only seen the Marvel Comics based films (sans Deadpool) on cable/DVD I like because I am only mildly interested in them.

    Although if I do happen upon them at the dollar cinema, I might go see it.

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