RJD goes on a total NSFW vulgarity filled rant on news, movies, but specifically the jerk who runs Sony that says “fuck ‘em” to the fans. Jman joins in on the fun and can’t help but shit just a bit more on the BVS ultimate edition.

Other topics include, but are not limited to:

Batman V Superman ultimate edition

Justice League leaked scene

Adding humor to the DCEU

Both RJD and Jman turning heel on comic journalism

Rumor on Indy 5 and Judge Dread 2

And…RJD attacks Sony executives. Again.

And…if you have 3 movies you consider essential that your significant other enjoys, send them to me!   The first one will get a free dvd of Star Trek, Saw, or some other shit.


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  • Orcus

    Orcus approves

  • Orcus

    Essentiasl that She who shall not be named enjoys also?


    Alien (first one)
    Finding Nemo
    Close Encounters

    Not a SW in the bunch for her

    • RJD

      Winner winner chicken dinner.

      Message me for your free Saw 3 dvd

      • Orcus


        Orcus is now replacing the toilet paper in the underworld with duct tape in celebration