RJD talks with the BAD MOVIE NIGHT podcast crew about which movies are bad but still fun to watch, Batman V Superman, Jaws, and the mind bending catastrophe masterpiece known as Zardoz.

Bad Movie Night podcast is the lovechild of Connor, Pete, and Dr. All-Pro Sexman. Pete had an obsession with the medium and Connor has seen more of these masterpieces than any of us combined. Not to mention that he brings some good stuff to the table. Dr. All-Pro Sexman just brings the heavy laughs.

After 27 episodes they added Justin, who they tried to give a nickname to but…to no avail. Anyway, the crew watches bad movies from all different eras and walks of life. Their greatest achievement was two interviews with the Samurai Cop, Mathew Karedas.

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    • Thank you.

      I hate podcast. Most are terrible. Esp celebrities. That’s not kayfabe. But there are few I really enjoy and you guys are on my must listen list. And I also love the new show too

      I will not lie. I have a few sword and sorcery flicks lined up to watch after your deathstalker show

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