rjd dio touch of madnessA Touch of Madness podcast reviews The biggest movie in history.  Micheal Anthony and your friendly neighborhood jman join RJD and NAT X to discuss what went right, what went wrong, and SPOILERS in a galaxy far far away.
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  1. Episode 8 is gonna be this new trilogies “Empire Strikes Back “. Thats what Im thinking. Mesa saying people gonna get hurt real bad yo !!!

    People who don´t like the similarities between the OT and TFA , and who don´t understand why that was IMPORTANT to do, can fuck right off back to watching the prequels and the animated tv shows.

  2. People should give George more credit on episodes 5 and 6. He was micro managing everything, AND building LucasFilm, Skywalker Sound, and Industrial Light and Magic all at the same time. Go on IMDB and check out the endless list of films those companies have been involved in since 1978.

    Second to NONE

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