I’m pretty sure at this rate, I could write about Toy Fair for the next month.  I took so many pictures, have so many things to comment about, your friendly neighborhood jman might never wrap this thing up!

I kid, of course.  Kinda.  But, because I “can’t” keep this thing going forever, I came up with a Top 5(ish) Toys at Toy Fair list.  The caveat, here, is that this is a non-comic book toy list.  You’ve seen the all comic related merch out there.  Ad nauseam (probably, too) at this point.  So, let’s take a look at some of the other fun stuff coming out for 2014…

Marshmallow Blaster by Marshmallow Fun Company.  The Marshmallow Fun Company had a bunch of different sized/styled marshmallow guns at their booth.  But, by far?  The Blaster was the best!  Load in a marshmallow, pump some air into the gun (ala Super Soakers) and fire away!  This thing easily shot the marshmallow to the ceiling of the convention center, which had to be at least a 100 ft up.  marshmallowville.com

To read the rest of the article, My Top 5(ish) Non-Comic Book Toys, head on over to fanboyfactor.com.  When you get there, tell ’em Jeffrey sent ya!


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