Mezco Toyz held their annual pre-Toy Fair event on Thursday, February 9, 2017.  And, your friendly neighborhood jman, was all scheduled to go.  The gods smiled all too unkindly on ya boy, though, dumping snow onto the Northeast region that fateful day by the truck full.  Making my attendance at the event…impossible.


However, the fine folks over at MU Review traversed the ugly terrain that day, and managed to make it to the event.  Out of the goodness of their collective hearts, I bring to you the highlights of the Mezco’s Pre-Toy Fair event.  Make sure you check out MU Review’s more detailed look at the affair.


And, without further ado…here are the highlights:


Pretty much everything?  Okokok.  Let’s be more specific, then.  We got new looks at some previously announced figures like the Red Skull, Spider-Man and Deadpool. Along with those new looks, we got a good idea of what kind of accessories will be packed with said figures.

Mezco had a bunch of surprises, too.  Like Netflix Daredevil (with alternate head), Wolverine (in the classic brown and yellow costume), a classic Iron Man (with blasting effects) and Doctor Strange.  Oh…that Doctor Strange, though.  That’s a good lookin figure, if there ever was one.


There was some new stuff on the shelves from the other side of the comic book street.  Like an interesting “Ascending Knight” Batman, Darkseid (not coming until 2018, though?!?!?  It might be worth it for those attachable Omega beams though), Deathstroke (with an unmasked portrait) and Wonder Woman from the Snyder-verse.

Oh yea.  Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad was there, too.

Star Trek

The original Star Trek line continues to expand into 2017.  Mezco was showing off a Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy figure and Kirk (in his casual duty tunic) sitting all captain like in his command chair.

The rest

A couple other notables.  Ash!  Yes…”Evil Dead 2″ One: 12 Collective Ash figure.  You hear that?  That’s the sound of my heart singing.

And, finally…Living Dead Dolls.  LLD is getting a nice expansion for 2017.  With not even everything on display yet.