You know it’s quickly getting to be that time of year when TTPM Holiday Showcase hits New York City.  The big (and little) guys were out in full force with the toys you’ll be hearing all about this December.  So many toys hitting store shelves (and internet shops) this holiday season, that it’s almost startling.


Here then, are just some of the highlights (and what your kids will be begging you for soon enough) from the TTPM Holiday Showcase.

WWE Superstar Diva Dolls:  Mattel.  With the rise of properties like Mattel’s DC Superhero Girls and Hasbro’s Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, a line of 12 inch dolls inspired by the WWE’s Divas is about as much of a no brainer, as you can get.  While the dolls have been hitting Toys R Us shelves the last few weeks, you can expect to see the likes of Brie and Nikki Bella and Natalya by Christmas.

Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally Blaster:  Hasbro. It’s like the best parts of your childhood mashed together.  Seriously.  How often did you wish as a kid that there was some way to fire off your Hot Wheels.  Well, Nerf has finally answered that call with a motorized gun that launches Nerf foam cars.  Suresuresure.  It’s technically not Hot Wheels cars, but it is pretty dang close.

Hasbro had the Rapid Rally Blaster at TTPM out for all to try.  To fire at will, it’s as simple as loading the cars up and flipping the switch.  With the included ramps, those lil Nerf cars really can fly!  The Rapid Rally Blaster retails for $49.99, but if that’s a bit out of your budget (or the thought of even Nerf cars bouncing around your house gives you the sweats) there’s less expensive versions of the Nitro line that aren’t so…motorized.

Awesome Little Green Men:  MGA Entertainment.  Part blind box collectible, part game, MGA’s new Awesome Little Green Men line is all fun.  Pick a side (Green v Blue), amass an army and start the war for the other guy’s prized possession.  With over a 100 different soldiers (with varying stats) to collect that include infantrymen, rare special forces (with vehicles) and even rarer generals, the war is all yours to win.  If…you have the right stuff.

Adventure Force Light Command Motorized Light-Up Blaster:  Adventure Force.  When I tell ya this blaster is the next level of cool, I ain’t foolin ya.  At all.  If you know anything about me (and I know that you really don’t) you know that my third or fourth love is Nerf and Nerf type blasters.  And this thing is the end all, be all.  I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking:  my friendly neighborhood jman, what makes this blaster so dang special.

Well, to be honest, I’m glad you asked.  First of all, it lights up.  And as any child under 10 will tell you, anything that lights up, is that much cooler.  Add to it, that it’s motorized with an ammo belt that holds up to 20 darts (and yes, you can fire all 20 of those darts in under 20 seconds if you so please.  I’m no mathagician, but 20 darts in 20 seconds is like a dart a second) and you’ve got the recipe for disaster.  For your opponent.  Just make sure there’s a little one around to re-feed the darts into the ammo belt for ya.  That’s a boring job.

Ghostbusters ECTO-1:  Playmobil. The Ghostbusters line that debuted at Toy Fair 2017 at the Javits Center in New York City this past February has started hitting retail.  And Playmobil is ready for the holiday season with sets that include the iconic Ghostbusters Firehouse headquarters, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and ya boy’s favorite of the line, the Ecto-1.

The infamous Ghostbusters’ ride comes with sounds right from the movie and working lights.  It also features a detachable roof, proton packs, ghost traps and comes with two Klickys:  Winston and Janine.  You’ll be able to slime the whole thing with the included silicone slime splatters.  What more could you possibly want?

Marvel Legends Life-Size Mjolnir:  Hasbro. Ever wonder if you’re worthy enough to wield the Mighty Thor’s mythical hammer, Mjolnir?  Well, wonder no more. Just ask Marvel Legends Mjolnir yourself.  Whisper to the hammer your deepest fear and it’ll tell you if you’re worthy or not.

The hammer’s got some heft to it, which is nice.  This isn’t just another fake Mjolnir with a foam top.  This is as close to the real deal as your non-Norse self will ever get.  It also comes with a stand to keep Mjolnir upright, cause having it any other way is cause for unworthiness.  And no one wants that.

The Joker Manor:  LEGO. Announced just prior to the show’s opening, The LEGO Batman Movie’s Joker Manor (70922) made its debut at TTPM. There’s so many cool things about the set, it’s hard to decide the best.  You’ve got the tilting Joker sign.  The “Ha! Ha!” coming seemingly out of nowhere.  Probably the highlight of the whole thing, though, is the roller coaster that encircles the manor.  A three car train sits on the purple track that raises and dips around the circumference of the building.

What would make the set perfect in every way (and probably add another 100 bucks to the price) is if the coaster was motorized.  A boy can dream.

Spider-Man Interactive Super Hero:  Sphero. While Sphero are the geniuses behind this interactive Spidey, he was being shown off at Disney Interactive Booth at TTPM.  A bit of a departure from some of Sphero’s previous offerings (BB-8 and Lighting McQueen), Spidey doesn’t move around too much.  But, that’s ok…because this Spidey learns.  The more you interact with him, the more he learns about you and his surroundings.  Wake him up by pressing the Spidey’s iconic spider, and the mission begins.

Besides the 25 included super villain missions and 15 games, Spidey’s got a built-in motion detector that allows him to guard the crib while you’re out.  Or, use him as an alarm to get your sorry butt out of bed in the morning.  And while all this stuff was neat, probably one of the coolest features of the unit were his animated eyes.  Each eye is a little LCS screen, which gives Spidey another level of expressiveness.  Coupled with the wisecrackin’ jokes, Sphero’s Spider-Man Interactive Super Hero is hard to resist.