Hot on the heels of the Star Wars panel at San Diego Comic Con, we’ve got Hasbro’s official images of it’s upcoming Star Wars figures and vehicles.

Starting it off we’ve got the Black Series Jango Fett, Ahsoka Tano (making her Black Series debut), Kanaan (making his Black Series debut, as well) and a New Hope Tatooine Luke Skywalker.

And, of course, the First Order Tie Fighter. We’ve got a few more details about the 6 inch scale fighter. It’s the largest vehicle Hasbro’s ever produced for the Black Series. It comes with a First Order Tie Fighter Pilot Elite and…is gonna set you back $169.99

New images of Hasbro's upcoming Star Wars figures

Two new figures are joining the Star Wars: Rebels line: The Inquistor and Captain Rex.

Hasbro is also introducing two new Force FX lightsabers.

September 4th can not get here fast enough.