Spoilers contained here within.  In case you’re one of the last beings on the planet not to see the movie…

what the hell was he saying the whole flippin movie? and what kinda accent was that?

Over our vacation, I took the kids to see The Dark Knight Rises. They were up my butt about seeing it and it was a good break from the beach for the day.  To be honest, thou, this was one movie I really wasn’t looking forward to seeing.  After having my life completely changed by the Avengers, there was no way this Batman movie was gonna be able to compete on that level. No way.  No how.

great flippin movie (marvel still sucks).

Considering the way Warner Brothers handles the greatest superhero properties ever (Marvel sucks, btw), I had little interest in seeing the Dark Knight Rises.  I wasn’t all that crazy about the meh-fest that was Batman Begins.  And The Dark Knight?  If it wasn’t for Heath Ledger’s disturbingly wonderful (yeayeayea  your friendly neighborhood jman actually used the words “disturbingly wonderful” together) Joker…that movie would’ve been a bowl full of meh to me as well.  The whole serious/gritty grimey superhero stuff is getting a smidge long in the tooth.

sick and twisted and warped...

So I almost passed on The Dark Knight Rises.  And I probably would’ve too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids I remained spoiler free.  But, I didn’t.  I wanted to find out the scoop ahead of time.  And as soon as I got the lowdown on this John Blake character, I knew I had to see this movie.


I couldn’t have been more wrong about The Dark Knight Rises.  It was pretty flippin awesome.  I might’ve enjoyed it even more than The Amazing Spiderman, actually.

say my name, Harry Potter! say my name!

I do have a beef with it, though.  They had too much story to tell.  And they knew it, too.  Clocking in at something like 2 hours 45 minutes, Christopher Nolan and company knew they had too much story to tell.  It really should’ve been broken into two movies, a la Harry Potter and the Wickedly Possessed Turlet Deathly Hallows. Or what I did with VACATION WEEK! Epilogue 2 Pt1 and Pt 2.  Wanna really know how I know they had too much story to tell?  Cause I knew I should’ve really broken Pt 2 out into a Pt 3.  But, I was too lazy.  I over ran Pt 2 so I didn’t have to do a Pt 3.

But, I just write a stupid blog.

i ain't no doctor, and i don't play one on TV, either. but THAT looks like a flippin ouchie!

The story of Bane breaking Batman was told too quickly.  And Batman’s recovery?  Even quicker. C’mon!  Let’s feel his pain!  Let’s feel his struggle with being in that prison while his city burns.  His despair.  Bane broke his back for mercy’s sake!  That recovery should’ve been way more painful for him then it was.

But, it is what it is…

More importantly, what really made the movie for me?  John Blake.  Actually, what made the movie for me (and why I saw it to begin with) was John Blake rising up on the platform at the end of the movie.  Yep.  Those few seconds at the end…

The possibilities…

flippin cool!!!

Bale can’t be done as Batman.  I’d love to see more baton handing going on from Bruce Wayne to John Blake.  I’d love to see John Blake deal with crime as he can, as Nightwing, get himself into a situation that he can’t necessarily handle (not through any fault of his own) that forces Wayne out of retirement.  And Wayne helps Blake save the day.  In the process, Wayne realizing that the never ending battle truly never ends.

Something akin to Batman Beyond.  Of course, i09 had to publish their article first.

never really watched the toon, but i dig the premise.


It still would be a great Batman follow up.

Don’t bother WB.  You can’t afford me.


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  • We loved it too. What? No comments about Selina Kyle? But I agree – John Blake was all kinds of cool and I have always liked Bale.

    • Fadderly

      Yea…ya’know. I gotta admit here, Nolan’s choices for female leads leave a lot to be desired to me. She was better than the other two female leads, but I’m still not a big fan of Anne Hathaway (no offense, Anne).

      It was a hot costume, though. Just would’ve liked to have seen it on someone else. 🙂 Kate Beckinsale, perhaps? Me-ow!!!!