You can read all about our adventure’s at Wizard World Philadelphia 2013 here, here and…HERE!

i'm still excited looking at that sign!
i’m still excited looking at that sign!

As part of his “present” for “stepping up” 1 to middle school, I took Jethro to Wizard World with me.  It was his first official comic book convention.  I dare you to tell me I’m not the world’s greatest dad.  In fact, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!

The weeks leading up to the show, I talked it up to him, constantly.  Prepping him, if you will (and believe you me, if you know what’s good for you, you will). I told him it was going to be an all day experience. It would be a lot of walking.  And, he should start saving up his allowance.  Cause everything he could ever possibly want (except salvation) would be at Wizard World for the buying.

all the wonderful toys
all the wonderful toys

Jethro assured me repeatedly he was up to the challenge.


The night of the convention, I sat him down for one final man to man.

“Look, Jett.  We’re gonna have a good time tomorrow.  Got it?”

“Yes, dad.”  He said rather flatly.  Like maybe he’s heard this speech 50 million times.

“And don’t make me be a dad.”  I said rolling my eyes and shaking my head simultaneously.  “Tomorrow, we’re just gonna be a couple of dudes, hanging out.”  I looked him in the eyes.  “Got it?”

“Yes, dad.”  He repeated himself.

“Oh…and one more thing.  Since we’re just being dudes tomorrow, it’s gonna be your job to keep an eye on me.  You’re gonna have to stay close and keep your eyes on me. NO GETTING LOST!  Comprende?”

“Yes, dad.” 

“Good.”  I patted him on the head.  “You’re gonna see a lot of stuff tomorrow.  The key is not blowing all your cash on the first booth we come across.  You’re gonna wanna, but there’s a whole world in that convention center tomorrow, and a whole day in front of you.  Hang onto your cash for a bit.”

“Yes, dad.”

“Excellent.”  I said, getting up.  “Now…let’s get out there and buy some fucking toys!!!”

“Whatever, dad.”


I’m happy to report, Jethro was a champ.  After spending the day as our pledge/gopher/mascot/whipping boy, he was officially initiated into our convention going wolfpack.  But, don’t take it from me.  Here are Jethro’s thoughts on Wizard World Philadelphia 2013:

jethro's first missed opportunity
jethro’s first missed opportunity

“My favorite part was when we got to eat 2, getting candy, a new hat and mask 3.”

  1. That’s elementary school speak for “graduating”
  2. Lil turd acting like I never feed him or something!  He eats!  We had lunch at the Reading Terminal Market.  He had, and I’m quoting, the best sandwich of his life there
  3. He got a V for Vendetta mask
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