Reality star Vanessa Mariposa will not participate in the RTL diving competition after she was injured during training. She had hoped to win the competition with a full body effort. However, she had to pull out due to serious injuries, the worst being a tear in her breast implant.

She suffered from bruises all over her body after the training. Her hip bone was also bruised, her lip was cut, and her teeth were sore.

Credit: vanessa_mariposa/Instagram

The suspicion of a torn breast implant was later confirmed. She will have to pay around 6,000 euros for the replacement of the implant. The doctor was not present when she was injured, and she had to go to the doctor herself.

But the bruises were not the worst: “My pelvic bone is bruised. My lip is split, my teeth hurt. And there is a suspicion that my breast implant has ruptured.” Ouch!

“There are people who are made for it. And I’m just not made for it,” Vanessa said during training before she then pulled the ripcord.

By Thursday noon, it was clear: Unfortunately, the suspicion that her implant ruptured was confirmed. Vanessa describes this in an interview with BILD.

She: “An implant has actually ruptured. The doctor confirmed it to me and I hope to get an appointment in one or two weeks because I have to replace the implants.”

And further: “Thankfully, nothing is leaking from the implant, so there is no danger. But such an intervention is of course super expensive, you pay about 6,000 euros for that. I think I have to pay for it myself.”

According to Vanessa, a doctor was not on the scene when she was injured during the jump. She then went to the doctor herself. How did she realize that something was wrong? “I was jumping and jumping and eventually realized that my chest hurts me a lot. I felt like I could barely breathe.”

Her other injuries from jumping during training are also not without: “I also had a pelvic bone contusion, an injury inside and a chest contusion. During a jump, my knee hit my lip and teeth due to the swirl in the water and I had a wound on my lips.