Mission Statement

The Newsbox is dedicated to maintaining elevated ethical standards. In the contemporary media landscape, we recognize the paramount importance of preserving humanity in journalism and adopting a responsible and conscientious approach to ensure our work has a positive impact without causing harm to others.


The Newsbox welcomes and values all feedback, fostering active dialogue with our writers, editors, and management team. We are devoted to engaging with our audience and taking meaningful actions based on their feedback, complaints, or suggestions.

We firmly believe that news organizations have a moral duty to connect with the public on values and pressing issues, and in return, we can benefit in various ways. Actionable feedback may:

Our readers can connect with us through various channels:


The Newsbox is dedicated to authentically representing every one of the millions of users around the world who consume our content every month, regardless of their background or identity.

We strive to be an inclusive employer and a responsible publisher.


The Newsbox operates under UK-based publisher and tech company GRV Media. Where GRV Media brands publish in the UK, the company abides by five core principles of ethical journalism, as outlined by the Ethical Journalism Network.

1. Truth & Accuracy

While we cannot guarantee ‘truth’, we will always endeavor to get our facts right and to strive for accuracy. When we cannot corroborate information, we should say so.

2. Accountability

When we make mistakes, The Newsbox will correct them and make a sincere expression of regret where that is appropriate. We listen to the concerns of our audience and provide remedies when we have been unfair. Please refer to our corrections policy below for further details.

The Newsbox will not intrude on individuals’ right to privacy.

Furthermore, The Newsbox endeavors to follow the guidance given by The Society of Professional Journalists in their Code of Ethics alongside IPSOs Editors’ Code of Practice.


The Newsbox is committed to correcting mistakes promptly. We are responsive to feedback from readers and take concerns seriously.

Our editorial and management teams are charged with ensuring that any errors are swiftly identified and remedied. As well as taking editorial care prior to publication, our editorial team routinely audits articles, checking for any possible factual inaccuracies.

If you believe we have fallen below our standards with regard to the factual accuracy of our content, we will strive to make corrections where necessary. Please contact corrections@the-newsbox.com in the first instance with any concerns regarding the accuracy of our reporting. Furthermore, you can find our physical address for written correspondence at the bottom of this policy.

Coverage Priorities

Our writers do not act formally or informally on behalf of special interests whether political, corporate, or cultural. Editors should be made aware of any conflicts of interest and act accordingly.

We strive to take an impartial stance when reporting on issues and aim to deliver content in an unbiased and transparent manner at all times.

Bylines Policy

All of our articles will contain a clear author byline stating the name of the author and a link to their author biography. We will also publicly display the social profiles, contact details, and accreditation of our authors.

If any article is published without a byline for whatever reason, we will give clear reasoning as to why that is and how any corrections can be submitted in that case.

UK Office

Please address written correspondence to The Newsbox, 17 Victoria Rd East, Thornton-Cleveleys, FY5 5HT.