A previously unreleased scene from season five of Peaky Blinders reveals that Polly Gray had a premonition about her son Michael’s fate. As fans of the show know, Michael ultimately meets a tragic end due to a betrayal, but it seems that his mother had a sense of the impending doom long before the series came to a close. This deleted scene provides a glimpse into Polly’s foresight and how it may have impacted her actions throughout the show.

If you recall, during season five of Peaky Blinders, Polly made a chilling prediction to Tommy about a feud within the family. “There will be a war and one of you will die,” she said, “but which one, I cannot tell.” However, a deleted scene from the show reveals that Polly may have had a deeper understanding of the Shelby showdown than previously thought.

The scene depicts Michael and Gina’s plan for a ‘hostile takeover,’ and shows the couple visiting Polly before putting their plan into action. In this scene, Polly performs a ritual to give them insight into how the plan will unfold. Despite Michael’s confidence in their strategy, Polly takes Gina aside to give her a warning. “You’re not a woman who understands the hardship of being a widow,” Polly tells her. “It’s an outcome you have to consider. That baby inside you. The baby’s a boy. That baby’s future, you have to consider.” The deleted scene provides a glimpse into Polly’s true level of knowledge about the Shelby family feud and the ultimate fate of her son, Michael.

Credit: BBC

The series finale of Peaky Blinders brings to fruition the plans that Michael and Gina have been working towards, as they seek revenge for Polly’s death by plotting to kill Tommy. Michael’s plan involves using a bomb that has been planted in Tommy’s car, with the intention of taking out his cousin. However, as fans know, Tommy is a shrewd and resourceful character, and he is able to outsmart Michael by having the bomb moved to the rear of the car, which results in Michael’s own gang being killed in the explosion.

In a dramatic turn of events, Tommy then personally executes Michael by shooting him in the eye, fulfilling the ominous prediction that Polly had made earlier in the series.