A warning for those who have not seen the movie “You People” yet – spoilers lie ahead! The on-screen kiss is a daunting scene, especially when cameras are rolling and millions of eyes are watching. However, Jonah Hill and Lauren London didn’t have to worry about that in their new film. The romantic comedy, now streaming on Netflix, follows the whirlwind love affair between Hill’s character Ezra Cohen and London’s character Amira Mohammed. The couple falls deeply in love, leading to a proposal and eventual wedding.

But what about that all-important on-screen kiss after the vows? Andrew Schulz, who plays Hill’s cousin Avi in the film, recently shared a surprising revelation on his podcast Brilliant Idiots. Apparently, Hill and London never actually kissed during filming! “In the final scene, they don’t even kiss,” Schulz stated. “It’s CGI. Swear to God, son.”

Schulz recalls being on set for the wedding scene and seeing the actors go in for the kiss, but their faces stopped short. He initially thought it would be cut in the editing room, but in the final product, their faces morph into a fake CGI kiss.

It does look a bit weird if you look closely.

Credit: Netflix

Close examination of the scene has left some viewers with mixed feelings, with comments like “Yeah, I caught it when I slowed it down” and “I said this while I was watching, I’m like, ‘yo, they haven’t kissed the whole movie lol.'”