In the midst of a legal case for copyright infringement, Kat Von D has made a significant decision to conceal her tattoos. This case is considered a landmark as it is believed to be the first of its kind.

The celebrity is facing allegations of infringing on the photographer’s intellectual property rights for taking inspiration from an image of Miles Davis, the renowned American jazz musician, with his fingers on his lips. The photo was originally captured by the photographer, and the artwork served as the basis for Von D’s tattoo design.

Despite the ongoing legal battle, Von D has not halted her passion for tattooing, nor has she stopped getting tattoos herself.

Von D, known for her appearances in Miami Ink and LA Ink, has recently undergone a transformation by covering up some of her unwanted tattoos with solid black ink. She took to her Instagram Stories to share the news with her followers, showing off the back of her neck and top of her back which had been blacked out.

The heavily tattooed star also revealed that she had covered her entire left leg, leaving only one tattoo visible. The solid black ink now covers her shoulders, neck, and half of her back, with plans to continue the cover-up in the future. In response to any criticism, Von D reminds her fans that differences make the world interesting and there is no need for negativity.

Credit: @thekatvond/Instagram

Since December 2020, Von D has been gradually getting solid black cover-ups on her tattoos. However, she has chosen to leave some cherished pieces visible, including a tattoo of her father on her forearm. In a post on Instagram, Von D expressed her satisfaction with the cover-up of the tattoos that no longer held meaning for her, and praised her artist @hoode215 for the clean, new look of her arm.

Credit: @thekatvond/Instagram

Regarding the ongoing court case, Von D’s lawyers argue that holding tattoo artists liable for copyright infringement sets a dangerous precedent, as clients would be exposed to the same liability for displaying or sharing their tattoos. Von D maintains that her tattoo of Miles Davis is transformative and does not infringe on copyright.