Feature Image Credit: TikTok/@leahnice99

A woman from Florida may have cracked the code to online dating success by putting her credit score on her profile, resulting in numerous matches. One of the many responses Leah received called it the ‘biggest flex ever’.

By sharing a screenshot of her high FICO credit score, which is a three-digit number ranging between 300 to 850 that assesses the probability of paying back a loan, Leah was able to secure ’17 dates in 30 days’. The higher the credit score, the more money one can borrow from financial institutions. Leah’s score is an astonishing 811, which is a testament to her strong credit history. If you’re looking to boost your chances of success on dating platforms, highlighting your good credit score might just do the trick.

Credit: TikTok/@leahnice99

Recently, she went viral with a video showcasing the replies she received from men after adding her credit score to her dating profile. Some of the replies were labeled “iconic.” One user, Alex, exclaimed that this was the best thing he’d ever seen on the app, while Thomas warned her not to turn him on so early in the morning. Other users were also smitten with her credit score, with one user saying it was “sexy” and another noting she was his “kinda girl.” Although some viewers expressed doubt in the comments section, Leah shared that all of the guys she met have been sweet and always paid for the bill, even when she offered to split the bill. One person claimed that all they got was insecure, broke men in their likes, while another asserted that this was a perfect way to attract men who ask you to pay for the bill.

Credit: TikTok/@leahnice99

In an interview with Newsweek, the famous TikToker expressed that she has consistently been responsible with her bank account. She believes in planning ahead when it comes to money, and in the past, it has bothered her when guys she dated spent their earnings on frivolous things. Leah finds it attractive when a guy has a high credit score since it usually indicates that he is accountable. Many girls in the comments have responded to Leah’s suggestion, and she encourages all girls to showcase their unique and imaginative side to attract guys. She believes that there is more to girls than just selfies, and they should take pride in displaying their good credit or humor.