Feature Image Credit: TikTok/@carflipsonly

In the fast-paced world of flipping cars for profit, one entrepreneur is making waves, and his name is Rams. On a mission to turn a load of cheap cars into a cool £100,000 profit, Rams recently shared his success story on TikTok, leaving viewers in awe of his unconventional tactics in the realm of Facebook Marketplace.

In his latest video, Rams takes us through the exhilarating journey of transforming a £200 Nissan Micra into a sweet £1,400 jackpot. The twisty tale starts with Rams wisely running a history check on VehicleScore before sealing the deal. Despite a mediocre score of 85 labeled as ‘really bad,’ Rams’s keen eye spotted a redeeming feature – a perfect yearly mileage.

Rams: The TikTok Maestro of Unconventional Profits on Facebook Marketplace!
Rams: The TikTok Maestro of Unconventional Profits on Facebook Marketplace! Credit: TikTok/@carflipsonly

However, the story takes an unexpected turn when Rams returns home to find the car’s window smashed and a mysterious gear issue. Undeterred, Rams dives into action, ordering a used car window on eBay and enlisting the help of a skilled mechanic named Aaron. To our surprise, Aaron not only replaces the clutch for a mere £130 but also tosses in the window repair for free, making him a hero in Rams’s quest for profit.

Armed with a £65 clutch kit from Euro Car Parts and a refurbished window, Rams invests in a day of insurance, a quick stop at the car wash, and a few additional essentials like road tax and fuel. A meticulous carpet vacuuming later, Rams is ready for a test drive, and the Micra passes with flying colors.

Rams, the King Flipper, turning car troubles into TikTok triumphs! Credit: TikTok/@carflipsonly

Now comes the exciting part – selling the refurbished gem. Rams lists the car for £1,600, but not without a few hiccups. Despite a ton of interest, potential buyers attempt to undercut him, making the first day a bit nerve-wracking. But Rams, undeterred and fueled by determination, holds his ground.

Breaking down the numbers, Rams details the costs: £200 for the car, £13 for insurance, £65 for the clutch, and £130 for the mechanic. Additional expenses include £90 for 2x recovery trucks, a £35 window, £12 for T-Cup polish, £20 for road tax, £30 for fuel, and £10 for the car wash. Crunching the numbers, Rams’s total investment amounts to £705.

In the end, Rams sells the Micra for a compromised £1,400, raking in a clean profit of £795. Viewers hail him as the ‘King flipper,’ impressed by his resilience and resourcefulness. Comments flood in, with one viewer expressing amazement at Rams’s ability to find such gems on Facebook, while another compares his car-flipping prowess to flipping coins.

In the world of car flipping, Rams is not just an entrepreneur; he’s a master of turning challenges into profits, one car at a time. His viral video serves as both entertainment and inspiration for aspiring car flippers looking to score big in the unpredictable landscape of Facebook Marketplace. So, buckle up and get ready for the next episode of Rams’s thrilling car-flipping adventure!