Oh, siblings – those partners in crime who can turn any family gathering into a battlefield of epic proportions. From inheritance wars to creative pranks involving laxatives, the sibling saga is filled with tales of pettiness and intensity that would put soap operas to shame.

Enter Sophie, the latest internet sensation, who managed to stir up a storm at her sister’s wedding. We all know weddings can bring out the less-than-charming sides of brides, often humorously referred to as ‘bridezilla’ moments. But what Sophie did took the cake, or rather, the gown.

She called it payback. Credit: TikTok/@sophisonline
She called it payback. Credit: TikTok/@sophisonline

In a move that divided the internet, Sophie showed up at her sister’s wedding wearing an off-the-shoulder white gown. Cue gasps and raised eyebrows, right? After all, there’s an unspoken rule about guests not wearing white to a wedding – a shade exclusively reserved for the blushing bride.

Sophie, a 21-year-old with a flair for controversy, took to TikTok to spill the tea on her daring fashion choice. She shared, “I wore white to my sister’s wedding as payback because… No, I’m only joking, I didn’t but I could have. No, I was forced. I didn’t actually want to wear white.”

As it turns out, the white dress was her bridesmaid attire, and anyone who’s been a bridesmaid knows that fashion democracy is not part of the deal. Sophie cheekily expressed her dissatisfaction, saying, “I didn’t wanna be wearing that – I thought I’d be wearing that on my wedding day.” She even threw shade at the dress with a humorous, “Not that exactly, like what the f**k is that? But white.”

But hold on, the plot thickens! Sophie, not one to let an opportunity for a family story slip by, shared a bizarre tale from the family archives: “And on top of that, when I was younger, our nan fell out of a wheelchair on a wedding day, on my mum’s wedding day, and she wore white to that wedding. I just think it’s bad luck. So no, I wasn’t trying to wear white, but that’s what she wanted. That’s what the bride picked. I wasn’t happy about it either.”

The bride doesn't look impressed. Credit: TikTok/@sophisonline
The bride doesn’t look impressed. Credit: TikTok/@sophisonline

Despite her protest, Sophie acknowledged the ultimate truth of weddings – what the bride wants, the bride gets. Left with an extravagant white dress that she wasn’t thrilled about, she humorously pondered in the comments, “What will I ever use it for?? Now it’s just in my closet.”

Sophie’s wedding wardrobe escapade proves that when it comes to family drama, weddings are the perfect stage for unexpected twists, quirky tales, and fashion faux pas that become the stuff of legend. After all, who needs a soap opera when you have a family as entertaining as this?