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Tips On Choosing An Online Casino Bonus

The main goal for most plazers is to hit it big at casinos, but if we want to make money we need to get familiar with Casino Bonuses.

If you ever browse through online casino forums, you will find two reasons why people talk about online casino bonus. The first reason is that it can potentially bring a lot of money, but the other is far more concerning – bonuses can seriously mess up you gambling career.

Accepting a bonus is much more than what it seems, as everything in the gambling industry is. That is exactly why you need to take into consideration several factors before accepting an online casino bonus. At least three parameters should be taken into consideration before accepting any particular bonus:

What does the bonus offer and how necessary it actually is – do not accept a bonus for the sheer fun of it. You just might end up playing games you do not like or not be able to meet all the cash out requirements.

Terms and conditions – every casino has terms and conditions and if you are serious about your gambling you should read everything thoroughly before starting or accepting anything. Some crazy wagering requirements you never read about might render you online cash unavailable.

Your personal goals – most bonuses are really unnecessary if you do not plan to make gambling a living. If you enjoy playing casually from time to time, hoping to get a huge payout, then bonuses are not something you should bother yourself with. Do not burden your account with bonuses just to boost your bankroll. Just remember the two crucial factor you read about above.

You should also bear in mind that an ultimate guide to anything does not exist. Factors mentioned above may vary for different types of players. We all share the same goal – making money – but the path leading to it will be different and significantly affect you promotion/bonus choice.

Casino Bonus – Most Common Types

As soon as you join any casino you will get to make your first choice – whether to accept a free spins bonus or a deposit bonus. A deposit bonus speaks for itself – a deposit gets you a percentage as bonus gift from the online casino with no playing restrictions (in most cases). With Free Spins you get a chance to win some money without depositing and it is usually available on several popular pokie games.

Free Spins are good for people who are new to online casinos, have no playing strategies or favourite game. Free Spins will give you the thrill of playing with real money and you can win some cash. In order to withdraw, you will have to make a deposit and meet certain wagering requirements. If you are serious about your gambling career, then deposit bonus is the choice you need to make. It will give you the time to learn playing strategies and help you clear your wagering requirements easier in the future.

Players will also meet with reload bonuses which are mostly divided in at least two groups. In one group you will find games like keno, pokies, scratch cards and classic table and card games (as well as Video poker) in another. There will probably be another group with special games. Now, this sounds good for players who like to mix games, but it could pose and issue for players who only play one or two games.

It is also very important to know that the group with pokies usually has a higher house edge, which means that you will lose more money and that will make it harder to meet the requirements. However, higher house edge brings larger bonuses and it you like to risk it then you should consider this choice. Or if you prefer small but steady wins with low risk factor go with table and card games reload bonuses.

Also, there will be deposit and cash back bonuses. Deposit bonuses require meeting wagering requirements which requires additional deposits. Cash back bonuses are smaller but usually have no (or very small) wagering requirements, they do not require additional deposits and the give you a percentage of the money you lost.

Whichever casino bonus you choose, make sure that it is good for you. Do not think of it just as a bankroll boost.